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Course Coverage

  • How to rectify our mistakes while handling child’s mistakes
  • How to make your child academically more successful
  • How to discover child’s natural talent
  • How to make them more disciplined and yet lovable
  • How to balance your personal & Professional life along with parenting
  • How to resolve child’s problems more effectively
  • How to Reduce “No’s” by 80% and have a More Cooperative child
  • How to improve communication intimacy & be more respectful in the family
  • Learn to discover & develop your child’s natural talent and make them passionate
  • Change your child’s behavioural problems permanently
  • Master the art of motivational speaking that inspire others
  • How to get standing ovation everytime in your presentation
  • Learn to discover & develop profitable niche(topic)
  • How to design seminar / keynote speech
  • How to get your clients & keep getting more
  • How to become a big brand in your territory
  • Learn to sell from stage without being salesy
  • How to decide your professional fees
  • How to generate referral business
  • How to write & publish best-seller book

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